The Bay of Fires

Binalong Bay Main Beach, Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Binalong Bay Main Beach, Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Located on the northern end of the east coast of Tasmania, Australia, Binalong Bay is the gateway to the Bay Of Fires.

The Bay of Fires extends from Eddystone Point on the north east point of Tasmania, south to St Helen’s Point, the boating entrance to Georges Bay and the seaside town of St Helens. This unique coastal marine environment is currently being proposed as a national park by the Tasmanian Government.

There are many fantasic beaches, plenty of small secluded rocky gulches, and inlets along the coast of the Bay of Fires and Binalong Bay. Many of these places are accessible by car then a short stroll. If you are into walking or hiking there are plenty of one hour to full day locations to visit. Alternatively take your time to explore the area, meet a few locals and stay a couple of days in one of the many seaside shacks which are available for rent.

With plenty to see and do or just chilling out on your own beach with a bottle of local wine and a crayfish, the Bay of Fires and therein Binalong Bay are one of lifes premier, not to be missed destinations…which you’re sure to revisit or dream about for the rest of your life.

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Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay is a small coastal town, a 15 minute drive from St Helens and a 2.5 hours drive from Launceston.

A popular place to visit and a holiday destination for many Tasmanians, mainlanders and international visitors alike, there are approximately 200 shacks and some 100 permanent residents, who have either retired there or have settled into a relaxing lifestyle, combining both work and leisure.

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