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The Bay of Fires stretches from the north east tip of Tasmania, known as Eddystone Point, Latitude 40.9953, Longitude 148.3495, southwards to St Helens Point Latitude 41.2752, Longitude148.3577. Binalong Bay is located at Latitude 41.2498, Longitude 148.3089.

Included in the Bay of Fires are Eddystone Boat Ramp, Eddystone Point, Bayley Rock, Abbotsbury Beach, Ansons Bay, Policemans Point, Pebbly Beach, Break Yoke Beach, Gardens Lagoon, The Gardens Boat Ramp, Gardens Reef, The Gardens, Margerys Corner, Honeymoon Point, Big Lagoon, Taylors Beach, Sloop Lagoon, Sloop Rock, Seaton Cove, Cosy Corner, Swimcart Beach, Roundhill and Jeanneret Beach, Binalong Bay Beach, Grants Lagoon, Binalong Bay, Binalong Bay Gultch, Boat Harbour Point, Skeleton Bay, Skeleton Point, Skeleton Rock, Humbug Hill Lookout, Grants Point, Dora Point, Clerk Point, Humbug Point, Elephant Island and St Helens Point.

The soils found in the Bay of Fires are light and sandy, and grey to black in colour, due to the high levels of decaying organic matter. The majority of beaches are comprised of white, granite based sands, with large, weather beaten granite boulders and typically rocky granite outcrops at either end of the beach. On a sunny day the azure blue seas, brillant white sands and large granite boulders, many covered in bright orange lichen, make a spectacular sight or photograph.

For local weather information check out Binalong Bay weather on Weather Zone or the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay is a small coastal town, a 15 minute drive from St Helens and a 2.5 hours drive from Launceston.

A popular place to visit and a holiday destination for many Tasmanians, mainlanders and international visitors alike, there are approximately 200 shacks and some 100 permanent residents, who have either retired there or have settled into a relaxing lifestyle, combining both work and leisure.

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